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A settlement reconciliation would be good to double check figures (leap has this function) 

This is a two sided ledger to show the gross amount ie Purchase price plus costs (legal fees; stamp duty; registration fees) AGAINST where the actual funds have been drawn from for settlement ie $1546.25 Council fees (from lender); $205400 paid to Mr Vendor (from lender); $30502 paid to Mr Vendor (from client). 

This two sided rec makes sure you have all the fees covered from settlement from the right parties and usually populates the cheque and payment directions. 

It is a good double check to see that the right amount of money is available at settlement as well. See below image for reference Leap’s version is clunky and hard to use

  • This functionality we believe is already provided within the current calculator. Please provide further details if you feel we have made a mistake on our assessment.

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