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Change to InfoTrack disbursement descriptions to group by order

To help make reconciliation easier we have modified the structure of InfoTrack disbursement descriptions. 

This change is to ensure that all disbursements for an InfoTrack order are shown together when sorted alphabetically. To do this we've moved the "retailer fee" and "supplier fee" text to the end of the descriptions.

The changes are as follows:

Old FormatNew Format
Single disbursement for an orderInfoTrack fee for order [OrderID]: [InfoTrack Description]
InfoTrack order [OrderID]: [InfoTrack Description]
Split disbursement (where the retailer and supplier fee's differ in their tax rate)InfoTrack supplier fee for order [OrderID]: [InfoTrack Description]

InfoTrack retailer fee for order [OrderID]: [InfoTrack Description]

InfoTrack order [OrderID]: [InfoTrack Description] (supplier fee)

InfoTrack order [OrderID]: [InfoTrack Description] (retailer fee)

Added in build: 20190205.4