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What is the CLC Template for Actionstep?

The CLC Template available from Konekta is an Actionstep template that is provided to standardise the data fields for community legal centers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service who must collect and report legal assistance data and want to use Actionstep.

The Template is based on the National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual and is designed to be a 'Starting point' for your unique setup of Actionstep for your organisation. The National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual  (NLADS) was developed by the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department. 

The CLC Template by Konekta supports both Services to Individuals and Services to the Community.

Services to the Individual include

  • Discrete Assistance (Information, Referral, Legal Advice, Non-Legal Support, Legal Tasks)
  • Ongoing Legal Support Services
  • Facilitated Resolution Process
  • Duty Lawyer
  • Representation

Services to the community

  • Community Legal Education (CLE Resources & CE Activities)
  • Community Education (CE Resources & CE Activities)
  • Law and Legal Service Reform
  • Stakeholder Engagement

To view the list of data fields included in the template please visit this link - 'CLC Template Data Fields'

The template provides you with Base Matter Types for

  • Discrete Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Duty Lawyer
  • Ongoing Legal
  • Representation
  • Projects
  • Intake

Within each Matter Template, you can capture

  • Matter Parties (Client, Client Primary Contacts, Lawyer, Other Party, Referrer, Related Party)
  • Matter Specific Client Details ie Current Employment Status, Main Language Spoken at home, Family Type etc
  • Services relating to the Matter (you can have as many services as you like per matter ie 1 matter = 1 service or you can have 1 matter that provides multiple services)

Your Choice on Customisation

In conjunction with your Actionstep Certified Consulting Partner (CCP) you will be able to customise your matter types to meet your operational requirements. 

You can if you want to have many different Matter types for Discrete Services or many different matter types for representation services. Or you can have just one of each, your choice.

Here is an example of What a matter looks like

Pre Build list views to locate and find your cases / matters / files quckly.

These can be further customised by contacting your CCP.

How do you get the template for Actionstep? - Follow this link

How much does the template cost?  - Follow this link

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