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CLC Template - Data Fields

The following data fields are part of the CLC Template.


If you are enabling a Data Sync ie CLASS Data Sync then you must ensure that these data fields are not modified, removed or changed without discussion to Konekta. Changes without approval by Konekta may result in your data sync failing.


At the client level, the following fields are capture (some of these fields are captured at the contact level in Actionstep and some are at the matter/service level in Actionstep)


Client Category
Client Type
Last Name
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Status
Centrelink Status
Country of Birth
Date of Birth Type
Date of Birth
Employment Status
Family Type
Income Level
Income Source
Main Language Spoken At Home
Proficiency in English - Written
Proficiency in English - Spoken
Requires Interpreter
Year of Arrival
Suburb / Town
Post Code



Service Type
Open Date
Close Date
Funding Category
Facilitation Type
Family Violence Indicator
Financial Disadvantage Indicator
Homelessness Status
Mode Of Service Delivery
Number of Dependent Children
Number of Other Dependents
Client In Custody Status
Primary Law Type
Referred From
Relationship Status
Service Result
Estimated time spent minutes
Interpreter or Translator Used
Reason for referral
Task Type
Activity Type
Outreach name
Outreach suburb
Outreach postcode
Outreach location type
Office location name
Office location suburb
Office location postcode
Special circumstances



Funding category
Project Type
Project Status



External Project ID
Project Service Type
Funding Category
Open Date
Collaboration With
Estimated Time Spent
Primary Law Type
Number of CE Activities
Number of Activities Delivered
Number of Resources Distributed
Number of Attendees
Target Audience Type

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