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Settlement/Adjustment Calculators via Konekta Plug-in

The Konekta plugin includes a Conveyancing Calculator which the outcome produces the Settlement/Adjustment Statements based on these calculations.

The calculator can be found within the Konekta plugin under the 3 dot menu within your matter toolbar.

Once the Konekta Integrations Lauch pad has opened click on the Settlement Calculator.  **Note Konekta is currently in the development stage of their own settlement calculator, however, in the meantime. you will be redirected to the WorkCloud Applications calculator.  

How to add an adjustment

Click on the green plus as indicated above and then select the type of adjustment required.

This is and example of and Adjustments called 'Council Rates'

Enter Amounts and the period required as select a status to indicate how you would like to adjust.

Note that the types of adjustments available on the dropdown list can differ per State.

If you require an adjustment that is not available then please use the 'OTHER Adjustment' Feature

Once you have entered your adjustments your settlement statement will appear similar to the following example

How to change or delete an existing adjustment

Simply click on the blue Arrow to open the adjustment to allow you to edit or delete the adjustment

How to change or delete an existing adjustment

If you have additional requirements at settlement then you can use the following section. The adding, editing and deleting functionality is the same as the adjustments section

How enter Payee directions 

This section allows you to record how the distribution of funds will be allocated. In the same manner as above use the GREEN PLUS  icon to add entries and the blue arrow  to edit existing entries. You will notice that the calculator will provide you with a updated balance at the bottom and will be shown in green if balanced or red if not balanced.

The tick boxes next to the dollar amounts allow you to use 'email templates' from the email options button as shown here. (note that this function only works with Outlook only)

This will create the following email template in Outlook.

How to generate a PDF copy of the Settlement statement

Simply click on the 'Download PDF' button to download a copy ot your 'DOWNLOADS FOLDER' on your computer. Or you can have the system email you a copy of the PDF

How long will my statement be available on line?

The statement will be available for up to 3 years after the settlement date or up until the date the delete request was made by a user clicking the delete button in red above.

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