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Troubleshooting InfoTrack Problems

Connection Issues

If you are trying to perform an InfoTrack search via Konekta and are redirected to the page below:

  1. Select your Actionstep organisation and then enter your valid InfoTrack credentials. Click on Enable.

  2. If you have already performed step 1 but still encountering this page, this is possibly a timing issue and could be resolved by trying the operation a few moments later. Please contact your administrator if the problem persists.

Landing on incorrect page

Please be aware that for some products (e.g. Property Enquiry), you may be directed to the InfoTrack landing page instead of straight in to the Property Enquiry page.  This will happen if there is no Property Address on the matter. This is because the system cannot figure out which Property Enquiry page to send you to as they are a little different for each of the states and territories in Australia.  

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