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Connecting your GlobalX Account to Konekta

Connecting to GlobalX allows Konekta to securely synchronise your orders (transactions and documents) from GlobalX into your Actionstep system.

  1. Within Actionstep, navigate to Admin > Integrations:
  2. Ensure that the Konekta Integration is Connected (see enabling the Konekta Plugin for instructions if you haven't yet enabled Konekta).
  3. Browse to https://app.konekta.com.au/manage-add-ons/globalx  
  4. Because you are switching from Actionstep to Konekta, you may be prompted to log in again for security:
  5. You will then receive the below error message that your account is not connected and to Link your GlobalX Master Account.   Click Link GlobalX Master Account to securely connect Konekta to your GlobalX account.
  6. A popup login will appear. Please log in using your GlobalX/Dye & Durham Master Account to link with Konekta.

    Note: It is important to use your master account that has access to all orders for your organisation. This is used to sync your documents and transactions into Actionstep.

  7. Once your account has been linked, please let us know and we'll finish setting you up as soon as we can.

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