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Setting up your Email Templates in Actionstep for SMS conversion

This article assumes that you have already enabled 'Konekta' from the Admin > Integrations menu within Actionstep. For more information, see How to 'Enable' the Konekta Integration (Plugin).

If you'd like to know how to set up Email Templates in Actionstep, see Creating Email Templates in the official Actionstep guide.

Important: the template format must be identical to the below table format otherwise the SMS Gateway will reject your email.

The email template text is in the grey area below. You will need copy and paste this into a new email template in Actionstep.

Copy Email Template to Clipboard

Email to SMS Gateway by Konekta
Email must be sent to sms@konekta.com.au
This email will then be delivered as an SMS

Matter[[action_id]]Your Matter Number
Mobile Number[[Phone_Mobile|pt=Client_Primary_Contact|fm=c]]The mobile the message will be sent to

Enter the message you want to send. 
Replies To Email[[e_mail|pt=Action__Assigned_to]]What email address would you like any SMS replies to come back to?
Assigned To Email[[e_mail|pt=Action__Assigned_To]]Who is the matter assigned to
Send At What time would you like to send this?
Send At Time Zone ID eg Australia/Sydney.

Full list of timezone IDs
SMS Gotrue 
Org Key[[system_orgKey]] 
SMS Key  

Copy Email Template to Clipboard

Full Reference

The following table contains more detailed descriptions and example values to help you understand the various data-options.

This table is for your reference only, do not copy this table in to your emails as it may not work.

FieldSample valueDescription
The matter or action ID.
Assigned To Email[[e_mail|pt=Action_Assigned_to]]The email address of the person looking after the matter. Typically the acting lawyer or conveyancer.
SMS GotrueBoolean true / yes or false / no (without quotes) to tell the system whether to actually send the SMS or not.

If set to true and all remaining data is valid, the SMS will be sent.

If set to false the SMS will NOT be sent, regardless of the validity of remaining data.
Org Key[[system_orgKey]]The Actionstep organisation key. You should leave this as [[system_orgKey]] so that it is automatically populated by Actionstep.

For your reference, you can see your organisation key by hovering over you organisation name in the top-left menu within Actionstep:
Send At2020-02-14T21:00:00A local date and time to indicate when the SMS should be sent.

Time is in 24 hour format as per ISO8601.

If this is left empty, the SMS will be sent immediately.

Konekta will attempt to parse this as a local date and time based on the location/time zone specified in Send At Time Zone ID.

For example, the sample value will be sent at 9pm on the 14th Feb 2020, because Send At Time Zone ID is set to Australia/Brisbane.
Send At Time Zone IDAustralia/BrisbaneUse this to specify which time zone should be used to determine how to process the Send At time.

If Send At is empty, then Send At Time Zone ID is ignored.

If Send At Time Zone ID is empty, then the value in Send At is sent directly to the Burst SMS service without modification. If the value in Send At contains a date and time, the system will assume it is in UTC.

Valid values are:
  • Any valid Zone ID in this list of Time Zones.
  • Any abbreviated Australian state or territory (case is not important). Specifically: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, or WA.
SMS Keyabc123This is a unique key per client. Konekta will assign a unique SMS key for you to use here.
Mobile Number[[Phone1|pt=Client_Primary_Contact|fm=c]]The mobile number that the SMS will be sent to. This must contain + and the country code (61).
Replies To Email[[e_mail|pt=Action_Assigned_to]]If the SMS recipient replies to their SMS, the SMS service will send an email to this address with their reply.
TemplateName of template for referenceNot used by the Konekta service. We recommend placing the template ID and name in this field for reference. This can help identify why a particular message was sent.
AutomationYour own reference as to the purpose of this SMS.You can put any information you like in this field to aid troubleshooting if something doesn't go to plan.

For example, if you need to work out why a message was sent, you may put additional information in  this field which indicates which conditions triggered this message to be sent. This is viewable in support tickets if there is a problem sending a message.
MessageA message

with new lines.

Regards, Konekta
The actual message to be sent. Your message can span multiple lines and can contain quotes and other special characters.

Maximum message length is 612 characters which will be delivered as one message, however messages longer than 160 characters will cost you an extra unit of SMS. Up to 160 chars = 1 SMS, Up to 306 chars = 2 SMS, Up to 459 chars = 3 SMS, Up to 612 chars = 4 SMS.

SMS Costs

Prices start from 15c per message.  Please contact sales@konekta.com.au for further information.

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