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Tips for merge field limitation workarounds

Step 1

Once you have the link provided by Quick Fee, you will need to edit the link to include the merge fields (Click Here) ie add in the invoice number and invoice amount.

Step 2

Within the invoice template simply type the text you require to be shown on the clients invoice (ie the text the payment client will click on when they receive the invoice).  **NOTE that this cannot be an image like a Pay now button as Actionstep does not merge the invoice number or invoice amount to the link when the link is done on an image.

Some examples could be:

Pay Now

Click here to Pay Online

Pay direct here

Step 3

Make the above text a hyperlink to the Quick Fee link ensuring that you add in the Actionstep merge fields.

Office Account or Trust Account

Quick Fee will Generally setup 3 links, one for Trust and one for office.  Please make sure you use the correct one.  

The Trust link is highly valuable if placed in an email template or Cost Agreement requested funds be placed in Trust

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