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Konekta Rules for the CLASS Sync

The CLC Template has a facility to define the counting logic for your Matter Classifications and Client Classifications. This feature is critical to the respecting of the CLASS Counting Rules set by CLCA.

Note: Should Konekta detect any MATTER TYPE (Action Type) does not have a valid Counting rule defined then the SYNC will not Execute and an automatic email will be sent to the Centre to resolve.

There are two features of this Counting rule functionality; Anonymous Contact & Matter Type Rules

Non Client Matters

As there are some matters that don't require a contact ie Anonymous clients you will need to define a default contact for the CLASS sync to use for this purpose. 

Rather than creating an Anonymous contact, you will simply need to advise the counting rules settings which contact in your system will be sent to Class for this purpose.

Simply create a contact called 'Anonymous Client' and select that contact in the counting rules section as shown below.

Matter Type Rules.

As you can create an unlimited number of Matter types you may find yourself creating various different matter types for Representation ie some for Family law and some for Criminal Law. As this provides you with the ultimate flexibility of Actionstep's power, you will need to tell the Actionstep CLASS sync how to handle these matter of each type.

Each Matter Type (called Action type) will need a separate record created similar to this below. 

Field NameWhat it is used for
Action Type ID
This is the ID number of the matter type which Actionstep call Matter type.

Currently, there is only one way to find the matter type ID which is explained further in this LINK

Action Type Name
Enter a friendly textual name of the matter type, this is for your reference only but ideally should be the same as the actual matter type name

Counting Rules Classification
This allows you to select CLASS, DEX , VLA or NOT RELEVANT. As every matter type must have a counting rule set, you must advise what this matter type is used for, if its not a CLASS matter to be sync'd to CLASS Then simply mark it as Not Relevant and the CLASS sync will ignore it.

Are Multiple services subsumed?
If you stated YES then any services added to a case/Matter of this type will be treated as one single service. Also, The Service Classification will be required to be completed, This will define the type of service that will be pushed to CLASS for this Matter Type.

If you stated NO then any services added to the Case/Matter of this type will be treated individually ie if you have 3 services on that case they will be pushed to CLASS as 3 services.
Service ClassificationThis is only required if you stated YES in the 'Multiple services subsumed' question. This will then inform what SERVICE TYPE is sent to CLASS for the matter.
Non or Full ClientIf you stated FULL CLIENT, then any Client on Cases/Matters of this type will be treated as a FULL CLIENT when pushed to CLASS

If you stated NON CLIENT, then any Client on Cases/Matters of this type will be treated as a NON CLIENT when pushed to CLASS 

It is very important that all Matter Types are accounted for in the counting rules. 

 If one Matter type is not accounted for the CLASS Sync will not run until you resolve this issue.

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