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Enabling Actionstep Reporting Extract Service

One you have contacted Actionstep to enable the 'Reporting Extract Service' you will need to configure it within your Actionstep system

Go to ADMIN and click on  INTEGRATIONS

Click on Manage for the Actionstep Integration

Then from screen that comes up

  1. Click on ENABLE to it goes green and says ON
  2. Choose Microsoft SQL Server on Azure as the SQL File format
  3. Set a password Then click on Save

Then come back the next day and your screen should look like the following.

Konekta Data Reporting Sync Service

If you are subscribing to the Konekta SQL Reporting sync service you will need to supply Konekta with the following

  1. Copy of the link you can get from clicking the blue text 'Copy download URL to clipboard...."
  2. The password you have set (do not send this via email  - please communicate this to Konekta via other methods)

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