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Once you have connected First Title with Konekta you can order a New Policy by clicking on the Order Policy link under the First Title tile on the Konekta Launch page

This will then open a partially completed form which has been pre-filled with data from your Actionstep matter, however, there are some areas that you will need to manually complete.

Key Information

Where there is a known risk associated with your property you will need to flick the switch to "on"

This will then expose some further questions for you to complete regarding the known risks

Next, flicking the switches on for Vacant Land and Strata will then update the policy's Property Type to Vacant Land and Strata Sales bundle and sale process in the Schedule A document you will receive back from Frist Title after creating the policy

The next section (Policy Reference, Anticipated Settlement Date and Purchase price) are all pre-filled directly from your Actionstep Matter.   

NOTE that the policy reference relates to how First Title will reference the policy and will be shown in the Schedule A under File Number.  By default Konekta will pass across the Actionstep Matter/ID number however you can manually change this with further details.

The remainder of the form is all pre-filled from your Actionstep matter.  You will be prompted if there are any errors on the form that require attention along with a further validation at the bottom of the screen.


If the form is all in order you simply click on place order and the policy request will be sent direct to First Title.

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