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Problem Type - List of allowed values

As per the CLCAU Developer Guidelines Version 1.8, below is a list of agreed values acceptable for the Problem Type Field. Please note that this field must ONLY contain a choice of one of the these values in order for the sync to CLASS to be successful. 

Problem Type
Acts intended to cause injury
Application to court for departures
Australian legal system
Change name or birth records
Child contacts or contact orders
Child protection application/orders
Child protection other
Child representation/Independent Children’s Lawyer
Child residency
Child support agreement S128 application
Child support agreement stays
Child support appeal
Child support declaration
Child support other
Child support review of assessment
Client Support
Consumer complaints building
Consumer complaints fair trade/trade/sell practice
Consumer complaints financial/insurance/super etc
Consumer complaints health
Consumer complaints legal/solicitors
Consumer complaints medical, including psychiatric
Consumer complaints Other
Consumer complaints products
Consumer complaints services
Consumer credit
Court Support
Credit and debt bankruptcy
Credit and debt collection
Credit and debt consumer credit
Credit and debt information/privacy
Credit and debt management/negotiation
Credit and debt Other
Credit and debt owed by client
Credit and debt owed to client
Credit and debt recovery (court)
Dangerous/neg acts endanger persons/abduct/offence
Deception and related offences
Discrimination age
Discrimination disability
Discrimination marital status
Discrimination Other
Discrimination political beliefs
Discrimination pregnancy
Discrimination race
Discrimination religion
Discrimination sex/gender
Discrimination sexual orientation
DNA testing
Employment conditions/entitlements
Employment Other
Employment unfair dismissal
Environment administration
Environment industry issues eg mining, fishing etc
Environment Other
Environment planning
Environment pollution/chemicals etc
Family Law Other
Family or domestic violence
Family or domestic violence order
Fence / Boundaries / Ret.Wall / Encroachment
Govt pensions/benefits allowances breaches
Govt pensions/benefits allowances Other
Govt pensions/benefits allowances-recovery overpaymnt
Govt pensions/benefits allowances-refusal eligibility
Govt pensions/benefits allowances-review of benefit
Govt/admin complaints - govt processes/procedures
Govt/admin complaints against other govt official
Govt/admin complaints against police
Govt/admin complaints/issues relating to govt Other
Govt/admin disputes etc with schools
Govt/admin FOI/privacy
Govt/admin issues relating to fines
Govt/admin local government, including by-laws
Govt/admin mental health
Guardianship for adults
Hague convention
Homicide and related offences
Illicit drug offences major
Illicit drug offences minor
Immigration Bridging Visas
Immigration Change of Status General-Onshore
Immigration Economic
Immigration General-Offshore
Immigration Health/Character
Immigration Ministerial Intervention
Immigration Misc
Immigration Other Family-Offshore
Immigration Other Family-Onshore
Immigration Other Visa
Immigration Partner-Offshore
Immigration Partner-Onshore
Immigration Refugee/Humanitarian-Offshore
Immigration Refugee/Protection Visa-Onshore
Immigration Temporary Visas
Immigration Tribunal/Appeal
Immigration Unlawful
Immigration Visitor
Injuries assaults
Injuries compensation
Injuries employment
Injuries Other
Injuries sexual assaults, including rape
Injuries transport/motor vehicle accident
Legal services/getting legal help
Maintenance agreement child
Maintenance agreement spouse
Maintenance application child
Maintenance application spouse
Maintenance enforcement child
Maintenance enforcement spouse
Maintenance issues other
Maintenance variation child
Maintenance variation spouse
Mental health law
Miscellaneous offences
Motor vehicle accident
Motor vehicle Other
Motor vehicle property damage
National Security offences
Neighbourhood disputes complaints about neighbours
Neighbourhood disputes Other
Offences-justice procedure govt security/oprtns
Other and misc offences incl weapons/explosives
Other civil
Other civil company/commercial/corprtns/incorp law
Other civil contracts
Other civil defamation/libel
Other civil legal system or process
Other civil property disputes
Other civil property/conveynce/body corp/squatting
Other civil violence/restraining orders
Other criminal law problem type
Overseas jurisdiction
Parental abduction
Parenting plan
People smuggling
Proceeds of crime
Prohibited and regulated weapons and explosives offences
Property damage
Property damage and environmental offences
Property de facto
Property in marriage
Property other
Public order offences
Relationship issues
Road traffic and motor vehicle regulatory offences
Robbery extortion and related offences
Sexual assault and related offences
Specific issues
Storm Water / Drains / Plumbing
Strata / co-Op/Clubs / Association
Taking child interstate
Taking child overseas
Technology or surrogacy
Tenancy - Garden
Tenancy - pets
Tenancy access
Tenancy agreement
Tenancy bond
Tenancy ending tenancy
Tenancy fees and other charges
Tenancy general rights and responsibilities
Tenancy notice
Tenancy Other
Tenancy privacy
Tenancy rent
Tenancy repairs
Tenancy security
Tenancy services
Tenancy share accommodation
Tenancy termination by lessor
Tenancy termination by tenant
Theft and related offences
Trees / Shrubs / Vegetation
Unlawful entry with intent burglary break/enter
Veterans entitlements
Victim compensation
Wills/probate guardianship/trusteeship
Wills/probate making/contest/obtain benefit under
Wills/probate Other
Wills/probate power of attorney

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