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Details Data Collection (Conveyancing Details) - Konekta Conveyancing

The Details (Conveyancing Details) data collection is where anything relating to the actual transaction/settlement) is captured.  

The table below details the fields contained within the details collection.  It is important to capture as much information as possible as the fields below are used as mergefields within the document templates.  They are also pushed through to the Settlement Calculator/Statement AND integration with InfoTrack.

Transaction Type

Conveyancing typeDropdown list - The type of transaction (ie Sale, Purchase, OTP).
**NOTE within the workflow there is not a separate matter/path for sale and purchase.  Rather the templates have been coded to pull in the relevant details based on the answer of this field.
Conveyancing sub-typeDropdown list - What is transacting (ie House, unit)
Which party do we act for?Dropdown list - Do we act for the transferor or transferee? **NOTE only required for related party transfer only
Will this be an Electronic Conveyance?
Dropdown list - Will this be an electronic conveyance (yes/no)
PEXA Workspace ID Number:Text field - What is the ID number of the PEXA workspace
Investment property
Text box - is the property being transacted an investment property
Otherside self acting?
Checkbox - Is the otherside self acting?
Length of contract
Text field - For use when there is no scheduled settlement date (ie waiting registration)
Purchase Price and Deposits

Purchase priceMoney field - Purchase price for property as per contract
Full depositMoney field - Total deposit to be paid (include sum of initial and balance if paid in parts)
Initial depositMoney field - Initial deposit amount to be paid
Has initial deposit been paid?Dropdown list - Has an initial deposit been paid yet?
Balance depositMoney field - Balance of deposit to be paid after initial payment
Has the full deposit amount been paid?Dropdown list - Has the full deposit amount now been paid?
Deposit holderDropdown list - Who currently holds the deposit and how
Deposit bondCheckbox - Is there a deposit bond?
Agent hold bond guarantee Checkbox - Does the agent hold the original bond guarantee?
ReductionText field - Applicable only if there has been an agreed reduction between the parties
Loan amount
Text field - Amount lender is advancing for purchase
Payout figure
Text field - Payout figure for outgoing Bank/mortgage
Agents commission payable
Text field - Amount due to Agent for commission LESS the amount of the deposit held if held by the Agent
Special Conditions and Settlement Details 

Special condition 1Text box - Details of Special condition 1 to be met as pursuant to the contract
Special condition 2 Text box - Details of Special condition 2 to be met as pursuant to the contract
Special condition 3Text box - Details of Special condition 3 to be met as pursuant to the contract
Special condition 4Text box - Details of Special condition 4 to be met as pursuant to the contract
Settlement booking timeText field - Time that settlement has been booked for 
Settlement LocationText field - Town/City where settlement will take place according to contract
Settlement Venue Contact Record - Location for where settlement will take place
Booking Reference/Loan ReferenceText field - Booking reference number

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