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Konekta - Issues with Conveyancing Installation

If you have attempted to install the Conveyancing Add on into your Actionstep system and if you experiencing some issues. then please follow these steps

Step 1 Check - Installation

Please check the Admin section to ensure that it has not installed by following these steps

  2. Look for the Conveyancing App workflow

If not existing then continue with the next steps.

Step 2 Check - Access rights

Please check you have necessary rights to install the add on.

To do this Click on ADMIN > PERMISSIONS > SYSTEM USERS menu and ensure the following

  1. That the user installing the app MUST HAVE Administrator access;
  2. That the user who is installing the app MUST HAVE "Authority to make changes to your database" (ie add new users)

If you have the necessary rights to install ADD-ONS to your database, now Log out of Actionstep and click this link to recommence the installation.

By signing up again, will I be charged twice? 

No, you will NOT be charged twice but this sign up process must be followed to attempt the re-installation.

Still having issues?

Once you have checked the above steps but are still experiencing issues you can provide Konekata access by following these instructions and we can install the Conveyancing Workflow manually for you.

Step 1 - Create new Contact with the following details

  • Name: Konekta
  • Email: support@konekta.com.au 

Step 2 - Add new login for this contact

  • Click on  Logins from within this contact record 
  • Click on 'Add new system user'
  • Choose the 'System Role' as 'Administrator'
  • Tick the box 'has system authority'

This user will not increase your licence costs as Actionstep recognise this account as 'non billable'.

Once the installation is complete and you have received confirmation, you can then remove Konekta as a user.

If you have any questions please contact our team on support@konekta.com.au

Once the installation is complete and you have received confirmation, you can then remove Konekta as a user should you wish to.

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