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Troubleshoot - PEXA Create Workspace address is incorrect

When creating a PEXA Workspace using the Konekta integration, it is possible that the address may not be populated correctly. This is because Actionstep stores addresses in the fields Address Line 1 and Address Line 2, whereas PEXA has individual data fields for each portion of the address such as Road Number, Name, Type, Suffix etc.

Because of this mismatch, the Konekta integration makes a best-effort attempt to automatically split the Road Number, Name, and Type from Address Line 1 in Actionstep. Because of the variance between address formats, the integration doesn't get it right all the time. We are working on ways to improve this, but as with all data it is important that you double-check each field before submitting the form to create your new PEXA Workspace.

Below is an example of Address Line 1/2 in Actionstep:

Actionstep Address Fields

Whereas PEXA has individual data fields for each part of the address, including Road Number, Name, Type, Suffix, etc:

PEXA Address Fields

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