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How to enhance an existing Web Form with Data Konekta

To perform the steps below, you must have the Konekta Integration enabled for your organisation.

If you don't see below options, please Contact Us and we'll enable Data Konekta for your organisation.

  1. Before you start, you must create a simple single line of text Custom Data field on your matter type which we will use to link the attachments to your matter.
  2. Create a Web Form in Actionstep. Be sure to include the custom data field you created earlier:
    Note: This field will be hidden and will not be visible to users filling in your form.
  3. Copy the generated code from Actionstep to your clipboard.
  4. Navigate to the Manage Data Konekta page.
  5. Select the user whose connection will be used to upload and link attachments to Actionstep.
  6. Click the Add or Edit a Webform button.
  7. Paste in the Actionstep Web form Generated Code you copied earlier.
  8. After you paste the form, you will be advanced to the next step. Enter a name for this form (this can by anything to help you recognise it later), and select the field you created.
  9. You will then be presented with you "Enhanced" HTML form. Make sure you copy this form and save it now! If you need to get to this enhanced form HTML again, you will need to repeat the steps above.
  10. A list of configured forms will be shown. You may now either add another form, or click Save if your are done.
  11. When you load the form, you will see your Submission Field will be replaced with an Attachments field:
  12. If a form submission contains attachments, they will automatically be shown in the Documents section of your matter:

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