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What is the PEXA Integration?

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Konekta's integration with PEXA is tightly woven into the Konekta Conveyancing add on.  It has also partnered with WorkCloud Applications to integrate with their Conveyancing add-on for existing Actionstep customers who previously installed the WorkCloud version of Conveyancing, HOWEVER, it is strongly recommended that these customers switch over to Konekta Conveyancing in order to receive all future updates and enhancements as some features with PEXA will only work with the Konekta Conveyancing.

If you are currently using the WorkCloud Applications Conveyancing add-on and would like to use the Konekta Plug-in and integration with PEXA.  Please see How to enable Konekta Plugin first.

If you have previously enabled the Konekta Plugin you are ready to go!!  Simply launch the Konekta Launch page from within your conveyancing matter.   **Note that you will need your PEXA login details handy to log in for the first time. Click here for How to create your PEXA Workspace 

What does the PEXA Integration do?

At present the PEXA integration will only perform the Workspace Creation process only.  However, it will pre-fill the data with your Actionstep data to avoid the need to double entry.  Click Here to see what data is pre-filled

Will the PEXA integration do anything else in the future?

Konekta will incrementally over the next few months add further features with the integration these include

  • Notifications 
  • Invite Management
  • Transaction Updates
  • Post Settlement features

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