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How to create a PEXA Workspace

From within your conveyancing matter you firstly need to launch the Konekta Plugin.

From the Konekta Launch Page select Create Workspace under the PEXA heading.

Step 1 - Validate Title Reference & Create initial workspace

You then may be asked to log into PEXA.  It is a PEXA security requirement that you must sign in to PEXA again after 12 hours, so in other words you will need to sign in each day you use PEXA. if you have not done so previously.  Once you have logged in, Actionstep will automatically push across your data from your matter (ie Land Title Reference, Transaction details and party details)

You will note that the transaction and part details are greyed out for the time being (see step 2 below).  At this stage your initial step is to simply validate the title reference.  If satisfied with data click on validate.

You will then be prompted to Create New Workspace


Step 2 - Validate Transaction & Party Details

You will now be asked to cofirm the transaction and party details.  This has been pushed across from your data collections and participants on your conveyancing matter.

***NOTE When creating a PEXA Workspace using the Konekta integration, it is possible that the address may not be populated correctly. This is because Actionstep stores addresses in the fields Address Line 1 and Address Line 2, whereas PEXA has individual data fields for each portion of the address such as Road NumberNameTypeSuffix etc.

Because of this mismatch, the Konekta integration makes a best-effort attempt to automatically split the Road NumberName, and Type from Address Line 1 in Actionstep. Because of the variance between address formats, the integration doesn't get it right all the time. We are working on ways to improve this, but as with all data it is important that you double-check each field before submitting the form to create your new PEXA Workspace.

If satisfied click Create PEXA Workspace.  Your Creation request will be sent to PEXA and checked. If all ok, your workspace will then be created.

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