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Do's and Don'ts with the CLC Template/CLASS Data Fields & Collections

The following is a list of things you can and cant to do to the CLASS data collections that are contained in the CLC Template should you want to use the CLASS Sync from Konekta.

If you are NOT syncing to CLASS and NEVER require syncing to CLASS with the Konekta CLASS Sync, then these rules do not apply. 

  1. The data fields in the CLASS Data collections CAN NOT be moved to another data collection otherwise it will not be seen by Konekta CLASS Sync. 
  2. Data values ie items in a dropdown list,  CAN be deleted if the values are not needed ie remove problem types if you don't need them. However, if you require these re-installed they will need to be added by you and comply with the requirements of CLCAU.
  3. Additional Data values CAN NOT be added to Dropdown lists where the dropdown field is provided as part of the CLC Template. This is because the fields in the dropdown list must align with the specifications from CLASS so you can not have 'new ones' that are not approved by CLASS, you can remove values as per point 2.
  4. Fields within the CLASS Data collections CAN be reordered to suit your requirements.
  5. More fields CAN be added to a CLASS Data Collection, However, the additional ones you add will NOT be sync'd by Konekta to CLASS.
  6. You CAN delete fields from the CLASS Data collections, but don't recommend it just in case the data become mandatory by CLCAU in the future. If its required to be re-added, you MUST contact support@konekta.com.au to request the correct naming convention of the fields. Each field has a specific naming convention and it must comply with such if the field is to be SYNC'd by Konekta. This is why we don't recommend you 
  7. Can I have more matter/case/action types? Yes, you CAN have as many Action types as you like. However, if you want them to SYNC to CLASS then the data collections for CLASS must be COPIED into the Action type exactly and the DATA COLLECTION must follow the same Naming conventions. Please contact Konekta Support who will advise the correct naming conventions of the data collections.

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