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Getting Started - Email Archiver

What is the Konekta Email Archiving Tool?

Konekta has created an Email Archiving Tool that allows you to clone your matter and its email and email attachment content to a second database to "free up" space on your live/production database to improve performance.    This process is extremely beneficial if you do have a high volume of archived matters.

Getting Started

If you would like to use this tool, please contact Konekta in the first instance via support@konekta.com.au.   Konekta will then arrange for Actionstep to create your second destination database.  Please note that there may be an additional licence cost charged by Actionstep, however, all users will not need a licence to this destination database.  

Once configured, Konekta will send you the link to the Archiving Tool and you are now ready to start using.

How to use the Archiving Tool.

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