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InfoTrack Order Reconciliation for Disbursements in Actionstep

Konekta has built a Reconciliation Tool to assist you in matching your InfoTrack Invoice against the disbursements posted in Actiontep to ensure that you recovery all of your search costs from the client.

Before using the tool please contact suppport@konekta.com.au to request this service and advising the following details:

  • Frequency of reconciliation (fortnightly/monthly)
  • Email address for .csv to be sent

Konekta will then arrange for InfoTrack to provide your finance team with the necessary reports to get started.

Once you have the Report

Once you start receiving the .csv from InfoTrack you simply just need to access the Konekta tile on the Konekta Launch page. From here select the EOM/Order Reconciliation link.

This will then open the Reconciliation Tool.  Simply just upload your .csv you received from InfoTrack and select the reconcile button 

Your reconcilation results will then be displayed.  

Wheree you see the toggle has been flicked to Green that indicates there is a match between your InfoTrack invoice and Disbursements posted to Actionstep.

You will note above there are the red highlighted items.  These indicate that Konekta has identified an issue that needs investigating.  For example:

Once you have checked all your entries you can download the reconciliation csv by clicking the download button in the top right corner.

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