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NEW FEATURE - Show/Hide sections of calculator

To assist the Conveyancers to be more time efficient, Konekta has built the calculator in a way that the 1 x set of calculations can be used for multiple parties obligatons to the transaction by simply only showing those sections that relate.

This can be done via the built in Statement type option or by simply selecting the show/hide on each of the section headers within the calculator.

Simply expand the section you would like to show in the calculator and complete the relevant input fields. 

When it comes to generating your PDF, the final .pdf document will respect the settings chosen onscreen and any sections that have been marked as hide will not be produced in the final pdf document generated.

***NOTE the show/hide selections can be turned on and off throughout the course of the transaction and any data that has been captured in these sections will remain in the backand if hidden and will not be lost should you choose to then show the section down the track

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