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Not only has Konekta made some significant enhancements to the existing Settlement Calculator it has also included some significant new features to the calculator to assist Actionstep users in preparing their Settlement and Adjustment Statements ready for settlement.

Below are just some examples of the key features.  For more information please see all our Solutions Guides on the New Calculator


  • Transaction details section now includes reference to PEXA Workspace if an electronic settlement
  • Defined Sections headings within Statements
  • Updated layout of Water Usage input window to assist users with the input of fields
  • Reference to PEXA workspace under matter details to assist users

New Features

  • Ability to produce various Statement Types (ie Adjustment, Settlement, Purchaser's Statement etc) from within 1 x set of calculations wihtout the need for double creation
  • Ability to show/hide all sections of the Calculator as required for statement type being produced
  • Ability to adjust for multiple billing periods (ie Fixed Annual billing)
  • Ability to adjust for multiple adjustment periods (ie annually, quarterly or 1/3 yearly)
  • Direct save of .pdf into the documents section of your Actionstep matter

For further information on these new features, please visit our Solution Guides.

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