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Konekta SMS - Features and Capabilities

Konenkta's EMAIL to  SMS service allows you to send emails to the SMS Gateway and have those emails sent as an SMS.

This is powerfully combined with Actionstep 'Email' Automation to send customised messages by SMS based on Workflow, Task Completion. Task Creation or Task Due Dates.

What makes Konekta different from other SMS tools: 

  1. Completely Automated 
    1. Automated SMS sending when combined with Actionstep Email automation on workflows, tasks and step changes etc
    2. Example - send SMS when Matter is opened or moves to another step in the workflow.
    3. Example - send SMS when a task is completed or is x days/hours from the due date
  2. Custom SMS Message with Actionstep Matter or Client information
    1. including All Actionstep merge fields and conditional message logic
  3. Conditional sending 
    1. STOP/GO logic that can be combined with Actionstep conditional logic ie replace GO with STOP on Automatic email if the message is no longer relevant, an email will still send but Konekta will not send the SMS of STOP is included in the message. This helps protect you from sending messages that are time or activity sensitive that may not reflect the status of your matter. 
    2. A good example is to stop an SMS if it was sent today congratulating the client on the settlement of the property, but the completed task that triggers that message in Actionstep was completed late and the Settlement date was actually last week. 
  4. Configurable send times with Time Zone
    1. e.g. send at 9am Perth time even if you are based in Sydney
    2. This can be combined with Actionstep conditional coding to determine the right time zone based on the client's address.
    3. No more sending SMS messages in the middle of the night causing distress to your clients.
  5. SMS Replies are received as emails to any matter participant 
    1. Save the replies to the matter for historical reference.
    2. Have replies sent to a specific person that is defined on the matter
  6. SMS Management Portal.
    1. Manage all aspects of your account
    2. See message activity
    3. Stop SMS's scheduled to be delivered
    4. Top up your account
    5. Send Quick SMS for one time ad-hoc SMS's
    6. Send to lists of contacts in a 'campaign style' Just like Mailchimp but for SMS
  7. Custom FROM Number for your SMS*  
    1. Choose what mobile number the SMS’s are sent from. This can be a shared number or a dedicated number* 
  8. Custom FROM Text Name * 
    1. Choose a text name to appear as the FROM for the SMS, such as your company name
    2. No replies possible with this option

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