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Konenkta's SMS integration with Actionstep allows you to send any Actionstep email template as an SMS directly from Actionstep.  

This is powerfully combined with Actionstep Automation to send customised messages by SMS based on Workflow, Task Completion. Task Creation or Task Due Dates.

What makes Konekta different from other SMS tools: 

  1. Completely Automated SMS sending when combined with Actionstep automation
  2. Custom SMS content (including Actionstep merge fields and conditional message logic). 
  3. Conditional sending (STOP/GO based on Actionstep conditional logic) ie don’t send today if the message about last week settlement
  4. Configurable send times with Time Zone (e.g. send at 9am). 
  5. SMS Replies are received as email to any matter participant (Generally user assigned to the matter). 
  6. Ability to send on step change via workflows. (ie send SMS to a matter party when matter is opened or moved to Open step!)
  7. SMS Management Portal. (to manage all sms and top up your account)
  8. Custom virtual phone number.*  (Choose what mobile number the SMS’s are sent from
  9. Custom FROM Text Name * (Choose a text name to appear as the FROM for the SMS, no replies possible with this option)

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