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If you don't already have an account with livesign, you will need to get that set up first.  To do this please click here.

If you already have an account with livesign click on the link under the livesign tile Create eCAF.  

**TIP before clicking on this link, ensure that you have captured the email addresses and mobile numbers of the party that you are preparing the eCAF for as this will ensure the process is streamlined and links are not missed.

On the next screen you can then select which party you would like to prepare the eCAF for (ie Client, Buyer or Seller) and also the method of communication (SMS only, Email only OR Email and SMS).   This setting will be defaulted to the option you have selected when first signing up to livesign, however, you will be able to override manually should you wish for your particular matter.

If you have multiple contacts, it will automatically pre-fill all the parties details into the form for you.  If, however, you don't want one prepared for one of your clients or the Buyer/seller's there is an option to easily remove the unwanted details.

If you select Specific Authority your Property Address and Title Reference will also automatically be pre-filled on the form.  


Once you have captured the relevant authorities simply click on create order.  This will then pass the details over to livesign and trigger a notification out to the Contact  you have prepared the form for of the next steps required either by email or SMS depending on the option chosen above.

If you would like to see the notification on what the client sees at their end click here.

You can monitor the progress of the Transaction by clicking on the Transaction Status link.

See eCAF Transaction Status Tips for further information.

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