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There may be some instances where you will require to manually review and approve your client's VOI.  This could be for a number of reasons but normally is due to their scanned documents uploaded not being 100% clear.

If this is the case, the user who initiated the transaction will be notified via email but you may also notice the status under the transaction status link. 

To conduct a review simply click on the requires review  button in the transaction status link.  This will then open up the transaction window.  You can then click on the Review VOI Certificate button to review your Clients uploaded documents.

The next screen will show you where the automatic VOI has failed and requires attention and also a copy of your clients uploaded documents will also be included on the following pages.

Once you have reviewed the documents and are satisfied you just need to click on Approve or Reject back on the transaction status page above

Once you have approved the status will update to Ready for Countersigning.

If you would like further instructions on how to Countersign click here. 

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