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At any time throughout the course of the eCAF Transaction, you can follow the status of the progress from directly within your Actionstep matter.

Simply click on the Konekta 3 dots to launch Konekta and under the Livesign tile select eCAF Transaction Status.


Depending on the stage that the transaction is at, the status page will show slightly different.  You will see on the status below we have one transaction that is still in draft (ie the transaction was started but data was never pushed across to commence the process with livesign.  We also have one that has the status of sent to client.  This indicates that the eCAF has been sent out via livesign but your client is yet to commence the process.   The remaining in progress statuses indicate that the eCAF has been sent, your customer has started the process but may be up to the proof of identity check or is in the middle of the processing.

You may also get some that require review and approval whereby there has been an issue raised with the proof of identity. 


For further information on conducting a Review and Approval click here.

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