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Getting Started - Reconciliation Tool

What is the Konekta Reconciliation Tool?

Konekta has created an Orders Reconciliation Tool that allows you to reconcile all your orders placed with InfoTrack via the Konekta Integration to ensure that all disbursements have been correctly captured at matter level and on-forwarded to your clients for reimbursement.

Getting Started

If you would like to use this tool, please contact Konekta in the first instance via support@konekta.com.au.   Konekta will then arrange for InfoTrack to send you a specialised report.  In your request if you could please specify  if you would like the report sent weekly. monthly or quarterly.

Once configured, InfoTrack will then email this the report directly to the nominated admin account linked to your InfoTrack subscription.

Once you receive your first report you are then ready to use the Reconciliation Tool


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