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How to perform a Reconciliation

If you have not requested your Reconciliation Report from Konekta or received the first Report from InfoTrack, please click here on how to request access to the Konekta Reconciliation tool.

Once you have received your Reconciliation Report from InfoTrack simply follow the steps below:

Click on the EOM/Orders Reconciliation  link under the Konekta Tile

On the next screen simply upload the Report sent from InfoTrack and click on the Reconcile button

This will then perform an initial reconciliation in the backend automatically and mark off any "matches" that it finds (ie where the disbursement in Actionstep on the matter matches the amount changed to your firm by InfoTrack).

**NOTE Any rows where the reconciled switch has not been flicked indicates that the disbursements is either missing from the Actionstep matter OR there is a discrepancy with the amounts and will firstly need investigating and then manually reconciled once rectified.

Once all entries have been reconciled there is an option to download CSV if you wish to attach to your InfoTrack Invoices or your EOM reports.

Whilst the Reconciliation tool is defaulted to perform across all matters, you can also set various filter options (ie by State, by particular date range, show all unreconciled etc).

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