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"How To" - Adding adjustments to the Calculator

To add a new adjustment line item follow these 4 simple steps:

  •  On your calculator click on the + button to select the type of adjustment you would like added


Select from the dropdown list the line item type you would like added and click ok

Complete the $ Amount on the input window as per your search results and select the billing period and adjustment period that relates.  

**NOTE that the From and To dates will automatically pre-populate based on your adjustment period selected and the adjustment date recorded on the matter but we advise that you double check that these are correct.

  • Secondly. the Status section will automatically default to paid, however, this can be changed to unpaid or adjust as paid.

  • Lastly, you also have the option to apportion the adjustment either by entitlement or shared percentage.  By default this will be set to Do not Apportion

  • Finally your input window should look like this.  

Once you are happy click ok and the calculator will perform the necessary calcualtions in the backend based on your selections and input the results into your calculator

If you need to amend or delete an adjustment line item, click on the > next to the line item to open the input window to make the necessary amendments and resubmit.  All calculations and totals will automatically run.  


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