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"How To" - Update Contract Prices & Deposits

The Settlement Statement section of the calculator is completely automated and will pull in either from your data captured on your Actionstep matter or calculations of your line items as they are added into the calculator.

If you notice an error with your Contract price or your Deposit amounts you will need to go back to your matter in Actionstep and update the corresponding data fields at matter level.  

Once you have updated these fields, simply open the Konekta launch page and re-open the calculator.

You will then be prompted with a warning that there has been a change in data and would you like to push through the changes (click yes) or keep the original figures (click no).  Your calculator i and then regenerate your calculator 

If you find an error with your Plus/Less adjustments, this figure is an automatic calcultion of your adjutment line items so you will need to revisit these entries.

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