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Sync Error Report - Service Disability Status

As for the CLCAU Guidelines, Disability Status is a Mandatory field that must be captured on your files.

Where you have received the below rows in your Sync Error Report, this indicates that the disability status has not been completed against the Participant Custom Data for that particular matter.

To fix this you need to follow these steps:

  1.  locate the correct matter (ie search in Actionstep by the S# number under the description above);
  2. Open the matter to locate who the Client contact is for that matter.  **Note you will be able to see this on the home screen under the matter parties box
  3. Open the contact record of the client by clicking on their name and then click edit in top right corner to edit the Contact record 
  4. Scroll down to demographic information and ensure that the disability status is completed.
  5. Click on save.

This will now be recitified in the next sync in 7 days time.

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