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Sync Error Report - Problem Type value not allowed

As per the CLCAU Class Developer Guidelines, there are only specific values allowed for the Problem Type Field.

If you have received an error "The Value '[X]' is not allowed per CLCAU Class Developer Guidelines for 'Problem Type'" this will need to be rectified at matter/file level in Actionstep.  

  1.  Identify the matter that the error relates to in the report. (you can search Actionstep for the External ID S# or the Actionstep ID); 
  2. Open the matter;
  3. Click on the Service (CLASS( data collection
  4. Locate the service that needs amending and click on the white paper icon to select edit record
  5. Update the Problem Type field to a correct value.  (A full list of the agreed values can be found here.)
  6. Save the updated value.

The sync to CLASS will automatically be ran every 7 days.


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