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Sync Error Report - "Address is Missing" or "Does not exist"

As per the CLCAU Class Developer Guidelines, there are only specific values allowed for Contacts/Client Field.

If you have received an error relating to the address details of a contract like "State 'Victoria' does not exist" or "State is Missing" or "State 'New South Wales' is missing" etc this will need to be rectified at contact level in Actionstep.  

You can do this by following the steps below, however, you will need to do this PER ROW of errors. There is no bulk update.

  •  Identify the contact record that the error relates to in the report.  To do this open your full contact list in Actionstep you can then filter for the Contact ID listed in your error report received. To locate the Contact ID you are looking for theC C-# under the ExternalID column. In this example the Client ID is 117


          On your Contacts List show filters and apply the filter for Contact ID 117        

  • Open up the Contact Record for Contact ID 117 by clicking on the contacts name to open up the Contact Record/Card for that contact and click on Edit in the top Right.
  • Depending on the Descirption of the Error received on your report make the necessary changes to the Contact Record and click Save.  

**NOTE the State must be captured as abbrevations ONLY (ie VIC, NSW, SA etc).  

Another common error is that the data has been put into the incorrect fields (ie PostCode in State and State in the PostCode so you may need to check these fields also.

  • The above process will need to be repeated for ALL ROWS within your Error Report.

Konekta will attempt to run the sync again in 7 days time so your prompt attention will be be appreciated.

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